Forty Best-practices Instructional Activities

Artifact Box
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Procedures: Find objects that reveal clues about an upcoming unit of study or a reading selection. Place the objects in a bag or box. Reveal the items from the artifact bag or box one at a time. Ask students to share predictions and questions based on the objects shown. Revisit each item during and after the study. Invite students to share the reasons each item was used to preview the unit or article.

Example: (See the Reading and Writing Connections for “Wayne’s World” in the Manatee Lessons.) To introduce the field scientist, Ranger Wayne Hartley, the following items are placed in a shoebox: a nametag, a park ranger badge, a manatee roll call attendance sheet, and a wildlife book. Students ask questions and make predictions about the upcoming reading selection based on the objects revealed in the box.

Reading Strategies: Make Predictions, Ask Questions, Set a Purpose for Reading, Summarize Information, Make Connections, Synthesize Ideas