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Chain of Events
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Procedures: After reading an informational selection that describes a sequence of events, students use the facts to construct a paper chain of events. Students work with a partner or in small groups to collect the sequenced facts from the text. They record each event on a paper strip. Once all the events are recorded, students connect the strips to make their paper chain of events.

Examples: Journey North adventures are filled with opportunities for students to sequence events. Invite students to record significant events from the weekly migratory reports on paper strips. Construct the chain throughout the season. Create a chain of events that document life cycles, such as the phases of metamorphosis with the Monarchs.

Variations: Display the “Chain of Events” by hanging them from the ceiling or on a bulletin board. Invite students to use their chain to write summaries, make oral presentations, or create artistic interpretations of the facts.

Reading Strategies: Identify Main Ideas and Support Details, Sequence Events, Summarize Ideas, Draw Conclusions, and Synthesize Information