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Baking Pan de los Muertos
with the Moreño Family
by Elizabeth Howard

The Moreño family shares their mountain home with the monarchs. You can see El Rosario sanctuary on the mountain beyond their house. One November, Dr. Bill Calvert and I visited as the family was preparing for the Días de Los Muertos.

Señora Moreño was baking special loaves of bread called pan de los muertos (bread of the dead) in her wood oven. We hope you'll enjoy your visit!

This video taken in the family's kitchen house.

See the bread baking?

Can you tell which loaves are men and which are women?

Raoul enjoys the fresh bread.

Posing for pictures on the porch.

Dr. Calvert shows the video to Orelia and her cousin.

The family lives by El Rosario sanctuary. The sanctuary is on the hillside in the background, shrouded in clouds.

A cloud bursts and everyone rushes to put the laundry away.