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Welcome to Market Day in Angangueo
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It's 9:01 a.m. Monday morning. Along every winding street, at every town corner, and in all the store windows, you find customers and merchants from near and far.

Everyone has set aside the entire day to exchange goods for pesos.

Many of the delights found at the tiangis (a large community market, usually held weekly on a designated day of the week) can be seen as we wander through the streets and among the vendors of Angangueo.

The vendors have travelled as many as three hours to come and sell their goods. Let's go!

From fresh, homegrown edibles and tasty treats to household items, the market is filled with color and a wide variety of goods.

At the end of the day, join the parade as hundreds of campesinos return to their homes in the surrounding mountains. They travel by foot and donkey, laden with the day's treasures.

Leading the pack are the young and energetic, typically boys running up the steep hillside with their donkeys. Next come the girls walking and talking with their friends.

Then come the men, usually carrying a heavy load. Much later come the mothers with small children. And, at the end of the trail, come the elderly who are tired but happy to continue the weekly tradition of a trip to town.