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From One to One Billion
Monarch Butterfly Journal Page

Assumptions at each generation (in this example):

  • Each female lays 300 eggs
  • All of the offspring survive.
  • Half of the offspring are female

First Generation (children):
Offspring in the first generation will be the children of the original monarch.

  • 1 female x 300 eggs = 300 children
  • 150 of the offspring are females

Second Generation (grandchildren):
Offspring in the second generation will be the grandchildren of the original monarch.

  • 150 females x 300 eggs = 45,000 grandchildren
  • 22,500 of the offspring are females

Third Generation (great-grandchildren):
Offspring in the third generation will be the great-grandchildren of the original monarch.

  • 22,500 females x 300 eggs = 6,750,000 great-grandchildren
  • 3,375,000 of the offspring are females

Fourth Generation (great-great-grandchildren):
Offspring in the fourth generation will be the great-great-grandchildren of the original monarch.

  • 3,375,000 females x 300 eggs = 1,012,500,000 great-great-grandchildren