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Citizen Science
Tracking Monarch Butterfly Migration

Welcome Citizen Scientists
Citizen science involves everyday people in the process of scientific research. Across North America, citizen scientists contribute sightings of monarch butterflies each fall and spring. They report migrating monarchs, monarch eggs, monarch larvae and the first milkweed of spring.

Sharing Observations
When you report your own observations to real-time migration maps, you contribute information that can be used for scientific research. Citizen scientists expand the possibilities for understanding and discovery.

Why is Journey North's Study Important?
Backyard observations help scientists explore how monarchs respond to weather, climate and the changing seasons. This information reveals interconnections in nature, and how changes can affect ecosystems.

Pieces of the Puzzle
Journey North keeps monarch butterfly sightings in a permanent database. Each sighting becomes a part of the historical record. Over time, this long-term data reveals patterns and trends.

Collect Historical Records
As you monitor your own habitat, you become a local expert. Year after year, you can add observations and continue to make discoveries.

Welcome to the Team!
Each observer is a valuable part of Journey North's team of citizen scientists. Each sighting becomes part of a bigger picture about monarchs and their migration. What observations and discoveries will you contribute from your part of the world?