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Fundraising Fun For the Children's Eternal Rain Forest

Courtesy of the Children's Eternal Rainforest

You can raise funds and send contributions, just as students from all over the globe have done, to help the Children's Eternal Rain Forest. Here's a list of fund raising ideas that other students have carried out. You will receive a Certificate of Appreciation for all contributions. The funds are used for programs such as reforestation, environmental education, protection, and scientific research. Send your contributions to:

Asociacion Conservacionista de Monteverde (A.C.M.)
y Bosque Eterno de los Niños
Monteverde Conservation League (M.C.L.)
and Children's Eternal Rain Forest
Apartado 10581-1000 San Jose, Costa Rica, America Central
email: acmmcl@sol.racsa.co.cr

Ideas That Work!

  • Courtesy of the Children's Eternal Rainforest

    Bake sale or a tropical breakfast sale with pineapples, papayas, nuts, mangos, chocolate. . .and other rain forest goodies.

  • Collect and recycle aluminum cans, newspaper, and plastic.

  • Build a mini rain forest & hold guided tours.

  • Plant-a-thon and Clean up: Participants plant trees and clean up local parks or coastlines and collect pledges based on number of hours worked or number of trees planted. Ask local nurseries to donate the saplings.

  • Write and present a rainforest play for your school and community.

  • Hold a pie social. Have a pie making activity, buy pies from each other, and then sit around and eat them together!

  • Sell plants and flowers, environmental stationary, and t-shirts. . . or make buttons, small games (like checkers) & note cards.

  • Auction off hand-made items, or invite local businesses to sponsor donations of free products and/or meals, personal services like mowing lawns, raking, painting, and shoveling snow.

  • Hold a garage sale with donated items.

  • Walk-a-thon. Get sponsors for each mile walked. Have the destination be a local park or reserve. This event could be combined with other ideas on the list, and doesn't have to be walking. Raise funds with jogs, bicycles or hiking in a forest or park!
  • Litter pick-up. Ask local businesses to sponsor you for each full bag of garbage picked up by you and your friends from your neighborhoods.

  • Adopt-a-Tree. Purchase plants and trees wholesale (or better yet, get them donated!) and sell them at the current price to plant on personal properties or local parks.

  • Collect small donations from a small stream or fountain in a zoo, where visitors are encouraged to make a wish for wildlife and wild places.

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