Oriole Eggs
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Baltimore Oriole Eggs
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Todd Ratermann

The average weight of an oriole egg is 2.99 grams. The average weight of the empty shell is 0.20 grams.

Q. How much does all the "stuff" inside the egg weigh?

A. The "stuff" inside the egg weighs 2.79 grams.

Q. If a newly-hatched oriole weighs 2.00 grams, what do you think happened to the other 0.79 grams?

A. The other 0.79 grams is partly water. It's WET, and when the baby hatches some weight is lost as it dries off in the first hour. Some other water is lost through evaporation during the time that the baby is growing. A small amount of bodily waste from the baby are excreted and quickly "precipitate" into a small white, chalky deposit on the inside of the shell.

Q. Let's assume it takes 12 days for a baby oriole to reach 34 grams in weight. If an 8-pound human baby gained weight at the same rate, how much would the human baby weigh in 12 days?

A. If an 8-pound baby grew at the same rate as an oriole, in 12 days it would weigh 136 pounds!