Keep a Signs of Fall (Phenology) Journal
(Signs of Spring)

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Tips for Teachers
Use these journal pages the way we designed them, or customize them for your class. Just click to download, open through your Word application, and print! (Or edit as needed.) Student's journal entries can be inspired by their weekly outdoor observations and by prompts in our Signs of Fall: Monthly Observations Reminder. (They can also draw from original comments on the Signs of Fall map or list or on Journey North's other fall maps.)

  • Print a cover for each student and a stack of journal pages. Journals can be stapled, bound, or kept in each students' pocket folder to pull out on "Journey North days."
  • Use the "This Week I Observed . . ." section for students to summarize their observations of the natural world. In addition to observations of living things, weather, water, and so on, they should add what they've noticed about sunlight, daylength, and shadows.
  • "These things have changed since last week (or month)" prompts students to think about indicators that seasons are changing in their hometown.
  • Prompt students to use the "What I think caused these changes" section to think about the chain of events that triggers seasonal changes. (For instance, "We have fewer hours of sun and cooler temperatures, so plant growth slows down.")
  • If students are using one of Journey North's Phenology Checklists, they should include these in this journal.
  • Helpful Links: Journey North Journals; Journaling Questions and Assessment