Keep a Signs of Spring (Phenology) Journal
(Signs of Fall)

Click and Print
for Ready-made Journals
  Inspire your students to think and act like scientists as they explore signs of spring. Print and use these journal pages to document their thinking, questions, and more.

  • Print a cover for each student. Add your own blank pages or click and print from this collection of journal pages.
  • If students are using one of Journey North's Signs of Spring Checklists, they should include these in this journal.
  • Staple or bind journal pages or keep them in each students' pocket folder to pull out on "Journey North days."

Teaching Tip: Signs of Spring Journals

  • In addition to documenting observations of living things, weather, water, and so on, encourage students to add what they've noticed about sunlight, daylength, and shadows.
  • As students document their observations and data — and reports from other observers — prompt them to describe clues that tell them that spring is progressing.
  • Encourage students to think about the chain of events that triggers seasonal changes. (For instance, "The sun warmed the soil, so the earthworms came up.")

Teaching Tip: Journals and Assessment
You and students can also use the journal pages to assess their emerging understanding. Read student reflections together and discuss their thinking. Or collect the booklet or pages periodically and use Post-it Notes for your comments.

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