Signs of Spring: Make a Giant Timeline!

What does spring's journey look like in your hometown? You can show the "big picture" of seasonal change by creating a huge classroom timeline. Bring it to life with your observations of seasonal events and data on weather, sunrise and sunset times, and more.

  1. Use a roll of butcher paper or strips of chart paper to create a long timeline. Tape it along one or more walls in the classroom. Use a marker to divide the timeline into the number of weeks or months your observations have covered, or will cover. (You can also make a 3-layered timeline: One for sunlight data, one for weather data, and one for plant and animal observations.)

  2. Organize your signs of spring observations and data, beginning with the earliest date. (If you've kept Signs of Spring journals or checklists, start by pulling information from them.)

  3. Show each sighting, bit of weather data, and other event on your timeline. Use drawings, photographs, pictures cut from magazines, and other materials to illustrate it. Use Post-it notes for labels or written information, or simply write directly on the timeline.

  4. Step back and admire your creation.
  • How would you describe spring's arrival in your hometown? Look for patterns.
  • What types of things happen around the same time?
  • What changes could have triggered other changes?

5. Invite in other classrooms and families, and give them "tours" of spring's journey!