Robin Nest Photo Study

When Journey North's own Julie Brophy discovered robins nesting in her Minnesota backyard, she decided to carefully observe them and share her observations with us. Julie watched and took notes as the parents raised four babies that successfully fledged. Then they raised three more nestlings until a blue jay raided the nest. The third nest was not accessible for photographs, but did fledge two more babies. (If you have younger students, consider exploring the Journey North for Kids version of this: Inside a Robin's Nest.)

This robin study took place in Victoria, Minnesota, at 44.85 N, 93.65 W), from May 8, 2001 through June 1, 2001.

May 8, 2001: Sitting Pretty!

May 8: Waiting Patiently

May 9: Happy Birthday TWO You!

May 10: Happy Birthday Again!

May 11: Happy Birthday Yet Again!

May 12: Too Rainy for Photos

May 13: Beaking and Feathering Out

May 19: Studying the World

May 19: Funky Hairdos

May 20: We're SO Crowded!

May 21: Ready, Set...

May 21: GO!

Photos courtesy of
Julie Brophy

May 21: Getting Grounded

May 22: Empty Nest Syndrome?



Additional Activities

National Science Education Standards

  • Ask a question about objects, organisms, events.
  • Plants and animals have life cycles that include being born, developing into adults, reproducing, and eventually dying.
  • Plants and animals closely resemble their parents.