Robins in Winter: What Do You See?
6 Photo Studies

Observation is the first and most important step in the scientific process. Scientists often use photos to help focus more closely or review something they've seen. Put on your scientist hat and become an observer with the photos below. Follow these steps:

1. Write down one thing you notice and one question you have about each photo.
2. Keep looking for another minute. Now what do you see? Add to your list one new thing you notice and another question you have.

Then click on each photo to enlarge.
You'll find our expert's observations and questions!

Amityville, NY: Jan. 2005
Photo John Deignan
Amityville, NY: Jan. 2005
Photo John Deignan
Florida: January 2005
Photo by Shirley
Ohio: January 2004
Photo by B. Stanton
Photo Gerry Stewart, aka "Lucycat"
Photo Anne Cook