Report WINTER Robins
Announcing the
14th Annual Winter Robin Round-Up!

February 1- 13, 2007

Photo Anne Cook

Calling All Robins!
Where do robins spend the winter? Let's find out!

Before the spring migration begins this year, we'd like to know if you have robins over-wintering in your town. We hope you'll help with Journey North's Annual Winter Robin Round-Up!

Our Goal: Show where robins are present in early February. This means that ANY robin seen during this time is considered a "winter" sighting.

How to Participate
1. Today-Get Ready
Go outside and look for robins. Ask your neighbors if they have seen robins. Contact your friends and relatives in other parts of North America. Ask everybody you know to get ready to look for robins!

2. Any Time-Practice Reporting
You can submit field observation any time--day or night. Try the system now by submitting a "Practice Report." When it's time to send REAL data from your site--about migrating animals, blooming flowers, and other events--you will use the same system. (Try a Practice Report.)

3. February 1-13-Report
Report all robin observations made during this time period to Journey North. Here are the specific observations we are collecting:

Thank you!