Teaching Suggestions
Baby Robins in the Nest



Bulging eyes, gaping beaks and bare pink skin—baby robins are a sight to behold! OBSERVE and WONDER:

Driving Question
What happens after robin babies hatch out of their eggs?

Baby robins in the nest.
Before Reading

1. Preview images in the gallery.
Invite students to take a "picture walk" through the gallery. Encourage them to share what they see and what they wonder. Have them make pre-reading predictions:

  • "We're going to be reading about baby robins. Let's predict what kinds of information will be in the nonfiction article. How many of our wonder questions do you think will be answered by the author?"


2. Preview vocabulary using word cards.
Predict how the words are related to the others and how they will be used to help answer the driving question:
What happens after robin babies hatch out of eggs?


After Reading
1. The ABC's of Baby Robins

How many baby robin words can you collect? Altricial, brood, clutch — organize on a chart. Compare with a sample. Create a way to share with family and friends: alphabet book, tongue-twister sentences, a jeopardy game, etc.

2. The 123's of Baby Robins
Collect numbers related to baby robins. How big? How long? How many? How much? Create a photo timeline of the robin's nesting cycle. Caption the timeline with number facts.

ABC's of Baby Robins

Blank ABC Chart | Sample