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Photo Study
Guiding Questions

Questions About Details

  • What did you notice first in this photo?
  • How would you describe specific details you see? Objects? Colors?
  • What do you notice when you zoom in on a specific area in the photo?
  • What action words would you use to describe what is happening?
  • What time of year do you think this photo was taken?
  • What do the details in the photo reveal about robins?
  • After studying the photo, what questions would you ask a robin expert?

Comparison Questions

  • How is _____ the same as _____? Different than _____?
  • How would you describe the colors? They look like ____ and remind me of _____.


  • How many objects can you find and name in the photo?
  • How many different colors do you see in the photo?

Prediction Questions

  • What do you think will happen next and why?
  • What do you think would happen if...?
  • What do you think your ears would hear if you were in this setting?
  • What smells would your nose detect?
  • How would the air feel based on weather clues revealed in the photo?

Reasoning Questions

  • What scientific explanations would provide clues about what is happening in this photo?
  • How would you explain what is happening?
  • Why do you think this photo was taken?
  • How might a scientist describe, explain, or interpret the scene this photo depicts?
  • How might a poet describe or interpret this photo?
  • What sounds might you hear...? What fragrances might you smell? What textures might you feel if you were in the setting captured by this photo?

  • What evidence does this photo provide about a robin's body or abilities?
  • How do the details in this photo support what we know about robins?
  • How might a scientist use this photo to teach others about robin adaptations?
  • How would you caption this photo? Share reasons for the caption.

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