Winter: Where Are Our Robins?
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Where are Robins in Winter?
This is an American Robin. Robins are signs of spring, so why is this robin in snow? It’s because robins live some places in summer. They live some places in winter. They live some places all year round—even in snow!

Most robins in the far north must migrate south to find food in winter. Some fly very far. Other robins don’t go so far. Robins can live in cold places as long as they have food.

What do robins do in winter? You will find out in these pages. You can learn more—and report the robins you see—on Journey North.

Robins Are in Many Places
This map shows the range of American robins, or where these birds are found. Do you live in the robins’ winter range, summer range, or all-year range?

Winter Robins Are Feeding
Winter is an important feeding time for robins. Males must eat enough to stay strong and reach the nesting areas early. Then they can claim and defend the best territories. They can attract females. Female robins must arrive healthy enough to lay eggs and raise the young of the next generation.

Winter robins go where food is. They will stay until it’s gone. Then they move in search of more. Their winter foods are berries, other fruits, and seeds. They find them on shrubs, trees, and vines.

Winter Robins Are Flocking
In summer, robins drive other robins off their territory. They need all the space and food for their own babies.

It's different in winter. Robins hang out together in flocks. Sometimes hundreds of robins are in a flock! They fly, feed, and roost in flocks. How might joining a flock help a young robin? How might it help robins of all ages?

Winter Robins Are Flying
Winter is a season to feast and frolic. Robins are sociable. They don’t mind being close to other birds when they have no territories to defend or babies to feed. They're on the go, flying around in search of food.

As winter ends, the days grow longer. Then robins get restless. It is time to find a summer breeding territory where they will mate and raise babies. They migrate north in spring when the food chain comes back to life. Are you watching for robins on the move?

What Do You Think?

  • How do robins stay warm in winter?
  • Robin migration depends a lot on the weather. Weather varies each year, so the timing of migration varies too. When will your robins return this year?


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