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Who's a Baby?
Looking for Clues

   This is a young (juvenile robin). What clued us in? Read below!
  • The fluffy, speckled breast. This turns orange-red when the downy feathers are pushed out by grownup feathers. In just a few more weeks, this baby will have those bright new feathers. It will look like an adult by its first fall migration.

  • The soft, wide, bright orange beak. In a few weeks, the corners of the beak (called the "gape") will narrow and harden.

    Think! Why do you think a baby robin has a beak that can open so wide? Why do you think it has a bright orange mouth?

  • It seems to be begging for food. How do we know it's not singing? Males don't sing until they're older (breeding age); females don't sing at all.

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