Citizen Science
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You're a Citizen Scientist
Citizen science involves everyday people in the process of scientific research. Across North America, citizen scientists report their first robin of spring, waves of migrating robins, and the first robin song of spring. They report their first earthworms, too. The sightings provide a snapshot in time of what robins are doing.

Sharing Observations
When you share backyard observations, you contribute to the collection of data that can be studied. People like you become extra eyes and ears to help trained scientists collect information from back yards everywhere. Citizen science expands the possibilities for scientific research by making more information available.

Why is Journey North's Study Important?
Backyard observations from far and wide can help us understand how robins respond to climate and changing seasons. We piece together the data with other factors, such as weather, to improve our understanding of entire ecosystems. The data can help reveal how climate can affect living things throughout the ecosystem.

Collecting Historical Records
Journey North keeps robin observations in a permanent database. Each accurate sighting report becomes a valuable piece of the puzzle. Over time, this long-term data reveals patterns and trends. We explore and untangle the mysteries of important scientific questions.

Start a Tradition
Your data gives a snapshot of what the robins are doing each year. Save your year-to-year robin data. Build a set of historical records for your school. Future students can add to the data and continue to make discoveries.

Welcome to the Team!
Each observer is a valuable part of Journey North's team of citizen scientists. Each sighting becomes part of a bigger picture about robins each season. What observations and discoveries will you make this year? Next year?





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