Journey North

Dear Families,
In a unique partnership, this fall our class is joining students and scientists across North America to track the monarch butterfly's migration to Mexico. As the migration progresses from September to November, students will learn about migration mysteries. They'll discover that a fragile butterfly can travel hundreds of miles to find its winter home deep in central Mexico. Students will witness how monarchs connect people across North America as they migrate across international borders.

Our Class Will Travel With the Monarchs
Our class is tracking the migration online and we invite you to join us. JOURNEY NORTH/SOUTH is an educational website that engages students in a global study of wildlife migration and seasonal change.

Our Class Will Send an Ambassador Monarch to Mexico
This fall, our class will also make and send symbolic monarch butterflies to the children in Mexico who live beside the monarch's winter sanctuaries. The symbolic butterflies build bridges of communication between children across North America, and serve as ambassadors that represent our shared interests and common conservation goals.

Join the Journey!
Here’s how you can join our journey and support your child’s learning:

  • Tour Journey North online. See web address at the top of this letter.
  • Watch for migrating monarchs: Be citizen scientists by observing and reporting your sightings of monarch butterflies.
  • Learn More: Read booklets or view slideshows about monarch butterflies with your child on the Journey North website.

Thank you for your continued support. If you have any questions, please call.

Yours respectfully,