Monarch Butterfly Migration
Crossing Borders and Connecting People
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The monarch butterfly is a famous international traveler.

Monarchs fly from Canada and the United States to spend the winter in Mexico. They travel across three countries and migrate as far as 2,500 miles (4,000 kilometers)!

Monarchs have a special winter home in Mexico. Only twelve mountain-top forests have the habitat they need to survive the winter.

The butterflies arrive in Mexico in November. Children look forward to the monarch's return every fall.

Clusters of monarchs hang in trees in Mexico for the winter. The forest shelters them.

Spring migration from Mexico begins in March. The monarchs become international travelers once again.

Every fall, thousands of children in the United States and Canada send symbolic monarchs to Mexico.

The ambassador butterflies carry messages of friendship and gratitude.

The symbolic butterflies build bridges of communication and friendship. They symbolize international cooperation for monarch conservation.

Join the Celebration!
You're invited to send an ambassador monarch to Mexico. Join the international community of friends united by the monarch butterfly!