Introducing the Symbolic Migration
Symbolic Migration Activity #1
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Launch the Symbolic Migration in your classroom with this introductory slideshow and video. Provide a school/family connection with take-home letter.

Slideshow: Monarch Butterfly Migration | Crossing Borders and Connecting People

Introductory Slideshow

Introductory Video


1. View Introductory Slideshow
Build background about monarch butterfly migration and give context for the Symbolic Migration. Key concepts:

  • Monarch butterflies connect people across North America as they migrate across international borders.
  • Symbolic paper butterflies serve as ambassadors to represent our shared interests and common conservation goals.

Slideshow includes: English and Spanish versions, text-only versions, photo gallery and teaching suggestions.

2. View Introductory Video
Travel to the monarch overwintering region in Mexico by way of video. Footage includes blizzard of butterflies in monarch sanctuary and visit to nearby school that hosts symbolic monarchs each year.

Wrap Up: School-home Connection

Use this parent letter to encourge students to invite their families to track the symbolic migration together with your class:

Parent Letter