Maple Sugaring Spring Phenology
Print this chart and record the date each event occurs.
Please report events marked to Journey North.
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First Maple Tree Tapped   The tree is tapped when the first sap run is expected soon. We watch for daytime high temperatures in the 40's, and nights still freezing, lasting over period of almost a week.

First Maple Sap Runs

Report to Journey North
  Sap runs for the first time.

(Note: Even if you can't tap a tree, you can watch for the first sap to run. Simply find a broken branch on a Maple tree--and report to Journey North when the sap flows.)
First Full Bucket   We've gathered the first 5 gallons of sap from single tree. Our first bucket is full!
First Sap Boiled
  Sap must be boiled now because warm temperatures would cause the sap to spoil. (Temperatures of stored sap must remain in the 30's.)
First Bud Run   When the sap becomes cloudy we know it's the first bud run. It's time to pull the tap.
Buds Break   When the buds break and you can see a light green hue to the woods, sugaring is over for the season.
Our Tree Flowers   Maple trees flower just before the leaves begin to form.

Leaf-out Occurs

Report to Journey North
  Leaves on our maple tree are the size of a quarter.