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Travel Advisory!
Please follow these directions so we don't have to return your butterflies.

What to Expect This Fall:

  • Mail these four pieces as instructed:
    • Checklist
    • Symbolic Monarchs
    • Spring Return Envelope
    • Fall Mailing Envelope
What to Expect Next Spring:
  • You probably will not receive as many butterflies back next spring as you send this fall. In past years, even with our greatest efforts, the return rate has been approximately 80-90%. (Please do not send more butterflies than the number of students in your class.)
  • Be sure to alert your school mail handler to be on the lookout for the returning butterflies in the spring.
  • You will not get your own butterflies back next spring. You will receive butterflies that were made by other U.S. and Canadian students.
  • Expect to set aside about 20 minutes (about 1 minute per butterfly) to report each of the butterflies you receive to the spring map.
  • Most messages and addresses you receive from Mexico will be handwritten in Spanish. Computers are not as readily available to students in Mexico as they are in the US and Canada.
The Purpose Behind the Symbolic Migration: 
  • Students become ambassadors for the migrating monarchs as they cross international boundaries.
  • Monarch butterflies are a SHARED natural resource. The symbolic migration parallels the real monarch migration in rich and complex ways. These parallels provide valuable opportunities for real learning about international relations and the risks of migration. See Lessons >>.

How To Prepare for the Symbolic Migration:
  • Send your monarch as an ambassador to Mexico. These Symbolic Migration Lessons >> will help reinforce the spirit and objectives of the Symbolic Monarch Migration.
  • Understand that the quality of the butterflies you send in the fall may be different than the quality of those you receive back next spring. (Just as beautiful, new monarchs go to Mexico in the fall, the real monarchs that return are tattered and torn.)
  • Understand this is a class project not an individual exchange.