Bonus Monarch Math*
Try solving this puzzler for some bonus points!*

In the fall of 2005 we sent 55,681 paper butterflies to the monarch sanctuary region in Mexico. The total weight of the butterflies was 337 pounds!

2 important kinds of butterflies.
Sharpen your pencils to answer: How do they compare?
  1. How many live monarch butterflies would weigh 337 pounds (if you could catch them!)? (hint: The average weight of a live monarch butterfly is about 0.5 grams.)
  2. What was the average weight of one paper butterfly?
  3. How does a paper butterfly’s weight compare to a real butterfly?
  4. And finally, how many live monarchs would it take to weigh in at 337 pounds?
How do the 2 kinds of butterflies compare?
Click image to check YOUR answers!

*(Attention older students.)