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Over the years hundreds have engaged in creative fund raising projects to send contributions for the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary Foundation (MBSF). These donations, both large and small have served as a true gesture of appreciation to the Mexican people for caring for the butterflies.
Send us your fundraising stories and we will share them with others.

Your Fundraising Stories

News from Martin Elementary School in Lancaster, PA:

The two fifth grade classes are working toward are visit to Exchange City on November 2. As part of our study, we are learning about product design and instruction, cost per product, goods and services, and about supply and demand.
One activity that we did was to produce bead necklaces that we sold in the school to students and staff. Through our hard work, we raised $20 that we are sending to the Journey North Foundation to be used to preserve the land in and around the monarch sanctuaries in Mexico.

Two students who deserve special commendation are Emily B. and Sadavia F. Emily was the designer of the winning necklace design that was then used in our sale. She also provided leadership in the production of the necklaces and in making sure the work met her high quality standard. Sadavia provided excellent leadership in the sales department. She kept track of all of the sales and was able to give us an accurate total after selling 97 necklaces.

Along with a donation from Mrs. Hartman, after repaying our loan to Mrs. Brown of $21.15 and selling our excess materials to Mr. Yoder to be used in another project, we had exactly $20 to send to help the monarchs.


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