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Tulips/Grade 3/Iowa

Jackie Venenga
Cedar Fall, Iowa

First Favorite Activity: Tulips All Around
We measure the tulips from the time we plant the bulbs, til they poke their little noses out of the ground to the dying back stage.

While we are waiting for the tulips to grow:

  • we build string fences and signs for all to watch for the growth
  • we measure the soil temperature regularly
  • when the tulips grow leaves and stems we compare them to our bean plants we are growing inside
  • when the buds come and bloom we focus on what is happening
  • we predict what color they will be, how tall they will be, how much they have grown in a week or from the time they started to bloom, how many petals, the diameter of the flower, etc.

Our data journal tells the story!

Jackie Venenga

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