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Evelyn Kelley
Inglenook Elementary
Birmingham, AL

* I integrated Journey North at the beginning of the year with art introducing Mexico and the butterflies. We carried this throughout the year and celebrated a Mexican Christmas activity with butterflies and pinatas. We met another classroom online and discussed the blooming the tulips we planted. We also learned and discussed about the weather with this classroom.

* Kindergarten students are limited in understanding the information. Watching the tulips and the mystery tree and the monarchs were ideal for kindergarten.

* It would be good to have an outline of activites for grade levels. As a kindergarten teacher I had to select what I thought the children could understand. I recommended the site to many teachers and hopefully they will participate in Journey South next year.

* I would be glad to make a guideline for Kindergarten should you be interested in seeing what I have in mine. This was thought of when I had another kindergarten say she would like to do it but the librarian was doing it at their school and not doing a good job of it. She did not understand that she could do it individually without interfering with the library activity.

* Have the ongoing teacher discussion mentioned more to remind teachers that they can talk to others about how to integrate all the information into the classroom.

* Journey North taught our kindergarten class about Mexico, butterflies, and the elements of the seasons. We decorated butterflies, planted tulips, and adopted a dogwood tree. We enjoyed the monarch butterflies returning the most.

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