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Journey North Program Overall/Grade 8/Georgia

Mark Barton
North Hall Middle School
Grade 8
Gainesvlle, Georgia

* My classes select migrations that they would like to do a research paper on, then the follow the migration of their selected animal. Highlight: Giving students a window into timely information gathering and the participation in the information gathering.

* Teacher's Manual: The hard copy makes it easy to look up items rapidly. Having the manual helps free up our Internet computer.

* Wow, how do you improve on the best thing going for student Internet participation? It would be hard to improve on. Everthing is their it is really up to the teacher to make what Journey North has to offer into something that their students benefit from.

* Journey North is like taking a swim in the ocean. You can get in to your ankles and you feel good. Wade in to your waist and you have a better feeling of the surroundings. Continue on until you are no longer walking, but swimming, and you start to realize how those that live in the ocean feel. My students start to feel like scientists, writers, geographers and naturalists when they start to swim in their ocean.

Mark Barton

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