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Using Challenge Questions/Grade 7/Iselin, NJ

"The students LOVE Journey North! Each year the 7th graders are told by the 8th graders that they will LOVE doing Journey North."

Susan Eckstein
Iselin Middle School
Iselin, NJ

How do you facilitate Challenge Questions(CQs) in your classroom?
"My classes are divided into 5 groups, each group is responsible for one animal. There was no internet access in our class last year- I printed out each report at home- copied them and handed out in class. Once a week on Fridays my students do research in library. They work on CQs - it is mandatory to do them, at least one. I read through their answers and for each one that is written in good English and sounds logical the student will receive an “A” in my grade book.
I send the CQs myself because I don’t have a computer in my classroom."

Some questions are harder than others. How do you deal with this?
"I have some students with special needs integrated into my classes. All students can do Challenge Questions because of the variety of difficulty of questions."

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