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Getting Started/Grade 7/Iselin, NJ

"The students LOVE Journey North! Each year the 7th graders are told by the 8th graders that they will LOVE doing Journey North."

Susan Eckstein
Iselin Middle School
Iselin, NJ

What suggestions would you give to new teachers for "getting started" with Journey North for the first time?

  1. Management Pointer: Don’t do more than 1 or 2 species each year. Ease into it. They must start slow!
  2. I recommend doing some preliminary work with students in early January. I teach migration using local species, osprey and duck migrations to help them understand. Then I teach about Latitude and Longitude. I go over some computer things like how to use the Email system and how to do searches.
  3. To help them understand migration I show a video, “Finding the Way”: I think it was an “Eye Witness” film. It introduces students to all the different ways animals migrate.

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