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A Tulip Tip From Texas

Jo Leland, who for years managed the Official Journey North garden in Texas is getting smart after all these years: "We'll be tracking tulips on a specialized map that shows where all current gardens are located," says Leland. "This will simplify things for the younger kids and save time (our most precious commodity) for everyone.
Here's what I did:

Example: Click for large map.
  1. I printed a copy of the map that shows where all Journey North gardens are planted. (Use the map published in the December update.)
  2. I took it to the local copy shop and had it enlarged.
  3. I trimmed off the edges so it would go into their laminator--and walked out with a specialized map for under $5.00.

Too Many Tulips?
No such thing! But if younger students are overwhelmed with tulip data, follow the suggestion of 1st grade teacher Patti Prieves: "As the first reports come in, we choose 5-10 places to record on our class map. We choose another 5-10 each time we receive a new report. Throughout the spring, we keep track of when tulips in these gardens emerge and when they bloom. The map becomes an important, ongoing fixture in the room or hallway."

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