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Tulip Garden Curriculum Integration/1st - 5th Grade

Contributed by Phyllis Swinney
First Grade, Saint Mary's Hall
San Antonio, TX

Planning your Tulip Garden study? Here are some ideas from a San Antonio teacher that will inspire you! Through a study combining science and mathmatical concepts, skills with technology, community involvement, art and language arts, this school has an integrated approach in that is rich and complex.

Here are their goals:

  • Each student and faculty/staff member in the Lower School will plant one tulip bulb in the Carter Thuss Memorial Garden area.
  • The progress will be monitored by the students using charts, graphs, and notes and published to our school website.
  • Digital Photos will also record the progress of the tulp planting.
  • We will focus on community/neighborhood involvement by having Miss Christine Ressmann, the Tulip Lady, direct our planting activities.
  • Creative writing activities and art activities will be inspired by the tulips across form levels one through five.

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