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Graphing Tulip Growth Predictions/AllGrades

Laura Grimm , 5th Grade, Kidron Elementary School
Kidron, Ohio

Predicting Tulip Dates with Double-bar Graph

"When will our tulips emerge and grow?"

I created a chart on the board. Vertically: dates in roughly ten day increments. Dates ranged from January 1-10 to June 1-10. Horizontal column headings: "emerge" and "bloom". We then discussed as a class what emergence and blooming was. I encouraged students to think about their home gardens - and specifically think about when they remember seeing green shoots and blossoms around their home.

I then gave each student a small piece of paper on which they wrote the words "emerge" and "bloom". They then looked at the chart and wrote down "best guess dates" for both of these events. I had them do it on paper so that the guesses of their classmates would not influence their own decisions. After collecting the papers. We used the chart to tally our results. Finally, we used our tallies to create the double bar graph.

I will display the chart for several weeks and then put it up again in the school hallway in early February. Interestingly enough, other classes start watching our garden and help us notice when the tulips emerge and bloom.After tulips start to emerge, I put a notice on the chart. I again do this when they bloom.

-Laura Grimm

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