Setting up a Temperature Recorder in the Garden

Getting a temperature reading underground in winter poses a bit of a challenge. Data recorders (or data loggers) are a great tool for measuring temperatures, but a bit tricky to accurately set up and retrieve when the ground may be frozen.

Here is one way to set up a spot in the garden for recording accurate temperatures 7" under.

  1. Dig a 10-12" hole near or in your Journey North tulip garden.
  2. Place a piece of PVC piping (available from any hardware store) into the hole and fill around it to make it stable.
  3. Refill the hole inside the PVC to make it a depth of 7".
  4. Tie a brightly colored string to the newly launched data recorder and place it into the hole.
  5. Add insulation (shredded pine bedding, course sawdust, etc.) into the PVC level with the ground.
10-12" hole and PVC piping
Colored string is attached to the recorder
Hole is insulated to ground level