Investigating Snow
Resources for Research

In some parts of North America, snow is an annual fact of life. People in other regions don't even get a flake! Here you will find resources to help you dig deeper into snow, how it covers the earth, and how it affects life underground.

Snow and Ice Maps and Animations

Here you'll find current daily and monthly animations and maps of snow and ice cover in North America, Alaska, Europe and Asia, and the Northern Hemisphere.

Snowfall: Average Total Inches in Hundreds of U.S. Cities

This chart shows the average snowfall each month for hundreds of U.S. towns and cities. Consider selecting and comparing monthly snowfall in towns or cities around the country with Journey North tulip gardens.

Here you'll find an interactive map from the Rutgers University Global Snow Lab.

Students can select dates to explore how snow cover changes with the seasons across the Northern Hemisphere.

snow map

Questions and Answers about Snow

Is it ever too cold to snow? How big do snowflakes get? Explore answers to these and other "cool" questions.

Does snow freeze or damage underground bulbs, or does it protect them?

Courtesy of University Park Elementary

Find out what some Journey North students discovered, and then try to answer the question yourself!
Is the cryosphere (regions covered by snow and ice) sending signals about climate change?

Older students can explore what we can learn about "global warming" from changes in snow and ice cover.