Sample Questions

What kinds of things do you wonder about soil temperatures?

Here are some of the questions Journey North students have come up with:

  • What do you think the temperature is underground where our bulbs are?
  • Is the soil temperature the same as the air temperature?
  • Will the underground temperature change during a 24-hour period?
  • Is it cold deeper in the ground?
  • As you dig deeper does it get warmer?
  • Why does the soil still feel so cold?
  • What factors affect soil temperatures?
  • Does sunshine change the soil temperature underground?
  • Do soil temperatures affect how fast tulips grow?
  • How hot or cold is it a mile down? In the center of the earth?
  • Are soil temperatures the same in different microclimates?
  • Are soil temperatures of bare ground and insulated ground different? Does the amount of insulation matter?
  • In the winter is the ground warmer than the air?
  • How does a pile of snow affect the soil temperature under it?
  • Is wet soil colder than dry soil?
  • Do plants change the temperature of the soil?
  • How warm does the soil have to be for tulips to grow?