Tracking a Sign of Spring
Exploring Climate and Plant Growth Around the Globe

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Signs of Spring
Daylight increases. Birds sing. Tulips emerge. When and where do these springtime events occur around the globe?

When is Spring?
In the northern hemisphere, the first official day of spring occurs on the equinox around the 20th of March. Where are plants emerging or blooming at this time of year?

How Does Climate Affect Plant Growth?
Wet, dry, cold, hot, windy, calm. How do different climate conditions affect where, when, and how plants grow?

Tulip Test Gardens
Hundreds of kids across the Northern Hemisphere plant tulip bulbs in Test Gardens. They predict when and where tulips will emerge and bloom in their own gardens and across the globe.

Tracking the Spring Season
When students report from their garden — planting, emergence, or bloom — the record appears on the Journey North Test Garden map. One garden at a time, tulips emerge and the map tracks the wave of spring across the Northern Hemisphere.

Dig In!
Plant a Journey North tulip Test Garden this fall! Meet gardeners from places near and far to explore how different climate conditions affect plant growth. Predict which gardens will be the first and last to emerge and bloom.