Mural: Bringing the Garden Inside

Teacher Coleman Rose brought the Journey North tulip garden into his classroom at Tyler Elementary with this creatively interactive mural.

In the fall or winter start the mural:

  • Use bits of recycled, torn paper and paint to create the garden
  • Make your tulip bulbs and place them 7" down under
  • Add roots
  • Once your garden starts to emerge, explore how the bulb has grown
  • Add information about the growing tulip to your mural as you explore the changes in your test garden
digging the bulb digging the bulb adding the igging the bulb
When the tulip bulbs began to sprout we dug one up from the garden to examine it. We brought the sprouted bulb into the classroom, and using paper and markers we made models of leaves and stems for the mural. We had already made paper bulbs that we "dug" 7" inches down into the paper soil. We added the tulip leaf and stems.
digging the bulb digging the bulb  
Here's what the soil looks like with the sprouted bulb. Our mural isn't done yet. What do you think we'll add next?



map of Stuart Island