Pre-Chilling Instructions for Zones 8-10
How to Plant

Tulips are specialized plants that require cold temperatures for at least 6 weeks to stimulate proper grow. Since temperatures in Zones 8-10 do not meet this cold temperature requirement (40-45°F for 6 weeks), your tulip bulbs must be pre-chilled.

How to Chill
Keep the bulbs in a brown paper bag with a moist paper towel. Cold treat your bulbs at 40-45°F in your refrigerator. Do NOT store fruit in the same part of the refrigerator as your bulbs. Apples and other fruits give off ethylene gas, a natural by-product of ripening fruit. This gas could kill or delay the tulip flower buds.

When to Chill
Start cold treatment by the third week in November. Refrigerate until you are ready to plant in the first week of January. Bulbs need at least 6 weeks of cold treatment to satisfy dormancy requirements.

When to Plant
All warm-region gardens must be planted during the FIRST week of January. This date has been set in order to standardize all gardens. If your school extends the holiday break beyond the first week of January, please contact us.