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Join people across the Northern Hemisphere this fall in planting a Journey North Tulip Test Garden. When the plants emerge and bloom, announce the arrival of spring in your hometown. Together we'll track changes in seasons and climate around the world.

Plant Your Garden
Because this is an experiment, all gardens must be planted in the same way:

  • Use Red Emperor tulip bulbs
  • Plant in an open area, away from foundations or pavement
  • Bury bulbs 7 inches deep, pointed side up

Report from Your Garden
Report to Journey North three times:

1. Date your garden is PLANTED

2. Date your first tulip EMERGES

3. Date your first tulip BLOOMS

Use this Link to Report

Follow the Map
As tulips emerge and bloom, you can track the wave of spring across the Northern Hemisphere.

About the Journey North Tulip Test Garden Project www.learner.org/jnorth/tulip/index.html