Tulip Test Garden
Press Kit
A Guide for Writing a Press Release

Share the News!

Share the news about your tulip Test Garden experiment with your community! From planting to bloom, your students' participation in an international experiment is news worthy. When the plants emerge and bloom, students can announce that spring has arrived in your part of the world.

This press kit will help you write a press release. Submit the press release for publication or invite a local reporter to your classroom.

planting bulbs
Photo: Alexandra Dekerf
Planting the Garden
The Press Release

1. Who is Interested?

  • School District News
  • School Newsletter
  • Local News Papers
  • Blogs

2. What to Include?

  • Information about the Journey North Test Garden project.
  • Quotes from students and teacher describing the experiment.
  • Photographs of student activities.

3. Press Release Template
This template was created from a recently published article. Use it as a guide:

  • to write your own press release.
  • to pass on to a reporter: to help them prepare to write about your project.

4. Press Release Samples

  • Read what others are doing. Share articles published about your Journey North Test Garden projects.

Photo: Teri Bickmore
Measuring Plant Growth

sample press release
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Press Release