Research Questions

Garden Site 

Does amount of sun matter?
Does slope matter?
Does proximity to building matter?
Will foot traffic affect tulips?
Will planting in courtyard affect garden?
Will snow depth matter?
Will soil texture make a difference?


The Bulb

Does bulb size affect emergence?
How many layers are inside a bulb? How do last year's bulbs compare with new bulbs?
Do any bulbs have 2 flowers?
What if I remove the outer tunic?
What is the wet liquid inside the fleshy tulip leaf scales?
Do older bulbs weigh less than new bulbs?


What will happen if we plant tulip bulbs next to the building?
How will a windy location affect tulip garden?
Will older tulip plants emerge before newly planted bulbs?
Planting tulips in warm regions: Do they need exactly 6 weeks of cold to satisfy dormancy?
Do tulips need to be watered in spring?
Will all our bulbs emerge and bloom at the same time?


Where will the first gardens in the project emerge?
When will spring arrive (tulips emerge) in your town?
Which gardens will emerge the same time yours does?
Does spring arrive from south to north?
Will gardens at the same latitudes emerge at the same time?
Do gardens planted at high elevations bloom later?
How do large bodies of water affect spring's arrival?


Tracking Seasonal Change 

Will your spring arrive before or after the Vernal Equinox?
What spring plants are growing when tulips emerge?
-- When they bloom?
How kinds of insects and animal life are observed when tulips emerge?
-- When they bloom?
What changes do you see happening as winter comes?
How do trees and plants in your area adapt to winter conditions?

How is a tulip adapted to survive winter conditions?


What potential enemies are there for tulips in the garden?
--Predators? Diseases? Risks? Survival strategies? Adaptations?

How can you protect your tulip garden from harm?
Does deep snow help keep the garden warm?
How do temperatures above ground compare with 7" below the surface?
How will the bulbs change after they bloom?

Life Cycle

How would you describe the tulip bulb?
How is a tulip bulb like a seed?
How does a tulip plant reproduce its self?
How would you draw a tulip life cycle?


What kinds of clues do temperature maps give us?
How can global temperature maps help you find a climate like yours?
How many kinds of maps are there that would give clues to spring's arrival?


Climate/Plant Growth

How many days above 40°F does it take before our tulips emerge?
What happens to tulip plants in spring snow?

How does climate affect plant growth?
Does a tulip flower open more than once?