Update: October 9, 2014
By Mary Hosier
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After You Plant:
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Your tulip bulbs have arrived. It's time to explore, plant, and report.

Drought in Montana
News: Planting and Reporting
Climate Test gardens have been planted all across the Northern Hemisphere — including one in Russia. Here are some highlights from this month.
Drought in Montana garden sign exploring the bulbs
Designing the Garden
Keeping out Predators
Planting Sites
Explore and Experiment: Tulip Bulbs

Before you plant your bulbs, take time to explore them. Design an experiment to test how different variables might affect plant growth.

Introducing the Project with booklet and slideshow
Bulbs: Inside and Out
Teacher instructions
Dissect and Discover
journal page
REPORT to the Map

Zone Map
USDA Plant Hardiness Zone MapSpecial instructions
for warmer zones (8-11)

After planting, report your garden "PLANTED" and you will see your garden on the map!

"Tulips PLANTED"
Tulip Test Gardens: North America
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