Test Garden News: October 9, 2015
By Mary Hosier

Your tulip bulbs have arrived. It's time to explore, plant, and report.

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Your Sightings!
Drought in Montana
Mary Hosier

News: Planting and Reporting
Climate Test gardens have been planted across the Northern Hemisphere — including five in Russia. Here are some planting highlights.
Tulip garden creating a sign for the garden creating a sign for the garden
Gardens in Zelenograd
Gardening in the City
Thinking Like Scientists
Explore and Experiment: Tulip Bulbs
Introducing the Project with booklet and slideshow
Bulbs: Inside and Out

Teacher instructions
Dissect and Discover
journal page
REPORT to the Map
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After You Plant
report form
Zone Map
USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map
Special Instructions
for warmer zones (8-11)

After planting, report your garden "PLANTED" and you will see your garden on the map!

"Tulips PLANTED"
Tulip Test Garden map: North America
map | sightings
Free Tulip Bulbs: Entry Deadline October 16

Do you have a partner school, homeschool network, or friends and relatives in far away places who would plant a Test Garden and share their data? Send them an invitation to join the fun!

  • Contest: Find out about FREE tulip bulbs for Journey North gardens
Launch page for tulip garden contest
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