Update: May 7, 2009   
Welcome to the Journey North Tulip Garden Study!

Students in Palmer, AK dug a sample from their garden to see if the bulbs were still there. This is what they found.
When will the Palmer tulips emerge?
Stay tuned one more week!

Maps and Highlights

"Wow! They are very pretty!" wrote students from Norwood, NY. Students in the northern—most regions are just now reporting spring has sprung in their gardens. Watch the map animations closely to see which gardens are showing emergence and bloom this week. Or, visit the Field Notes to see where the latest reports are coming from.

The map is almost completed for the spring of 2009. Emerging tulips reported in MN, SK, and AK this week, and we have Red Emperors blooming in Japan. We are still waiting for a few gardens to emerge—so tune in next week for our final data report!

NA map
Europe map

Asia map

(North America)
  • This Week's Map Questions (Handout)
    Is there STILL ice and snow in North America?


"Our tulips have finally emerged!!! Our area was hit with more than the average snow fall. We have had temperatures in the 30's for many weeks and as a result the bulbs have just started to emerge. As of Monday, we have 5 bulbs that have emerged anywhere from 1/4 of an inch to 2 inches. Our first day of temperatures in the upper 50's to lower 60's. The students are excited to finally see some results after journaling all year long that the bulbs were under the snow." St Hilaire, MN 05/04/09

"I had worried that the tulips were under a huge pile of plowed snow, but they were closer to the building and not as deeply covered as I had feared. Plus even the giant piles of snow have been shrinking fast as our highs during the day this week were 60 degrees and more a few days! Still gets cold at night, though. Can't wait until they all bloom!" Haines, AK 04/23/09

"Tulips were up and for a short period were beginning to bloom. Then a Canadian cold front arrived and combined with a Pacific front, began to dump record number of inches of snow combined with record cold. Highways and schools were closed, and in some areas 60 inches of snow was recorded. Today, Friday May 1, the weather is warming up and the snow is beginning to melt." Lewistown, MT 04/26/09

"We are happy to report that our tulips have bloomed. We have been learning about phototropism and it has been exciting to see our tulips open wide to welcome the sun each day and to close up tight at night." Rochester, NY 04/25/09

Photos: Dan Gillard
Wheelock Elementary
Keene, NH


"The students themselves are so proud and in wonder. They have emailed me on the weekends even to update the tulips' progress." Winterport, ME 04/30/09

Assessment: What Did I Learn?
The Journey North tulip garden brings a lot of excitement. Students gather information, dig in the dirt, plant, send in field observations, study maps, and make predictions.
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The FINAL Tulip Garden Update Will Be Posted on May 14, 2009.