FINAL Update: May 14, 2009   
Journey North Tulip Garden Study
Thank You for a Great Season!

Blooming tulips are sweeping across the continent!

Maps and Highlights

There is great news from our gardeners in Alaska this week. Tulips have emerged in Palmer! The tulip bulb they dug from their garden last week pushed up through the soil this week (see May 7 Update). These northern gardeners at Sherrod Elementary own the distinction of having the MOST NORTHERN garden in this year's tulip garden experiment (61.68N). Read their May 11 report.

Jamestown, ND gardeners were thrilled to see their tulips bloom last week after some fierce spring snowstorms dumped snow on their garden. "They are definitely a hardy plant," they wrote.

And watch this week's map to see the red dot appear in the Northeast section of the map in Miramichi, NB. Nelson Rural School reported their first bloom on May 11.

Spring has clearly swept across the Northern Hemisphere in 2009!

NA map
Europe map

Asia map

(North America)
Spotlight: Dodgeville Elementary Garden

In Dodgeville, WI, students planted their tulip garden in a stunning location. The tulips were planted in front of an unusual, and wonderful mural of raised design (bas-relief) showing popular nursery rhymes.

Last week the tulips bloomed and all attention was on the garden! Can you identify some of the nursery rhymes on their mural? >>

More Photos >>
Review: Climate and the Tulip Garden

When we started the tulip project last fall we wondered, "How will spring move across North America?" Many of you predicted that spring would arrive starting in the south and move north.

You tested your predictions by watching the map each week as gardeners reported in with their results. As patterns developed on the map your predictions were modified.

  • How did the oceans affect emerging tulips?
  • How did mountain ranges affect emerging tulips?
  • How does weather affect the tulips?

Were you surprised at what happened? Go back and review this spring's map (>>), then use your journals to describe how spring unfolded in North America in 2009.

How does the timing of spring's arrival compare in Journey North gardens from one year to the next? (Click maps to enlarge.)
NA map
Spring 2009
Spring 2008
Spring 2007

These maps show when and where tulips emerged and bloomed each spring. Study them and look for similarities and differences between the years.

More seasons maps and data >>
A Big Thank You

This year we celebrate the largest garden experiment in Journey North history. Over 480 of you planted tulip gardens this season to help us better understand how spring moves across the continent. Thank you to each and every one of you!

Take a quick look at the tulip map today – can you find places where you’d like to see a garden join the experiment next year? Spread the word to help us open the map to more gardens in the central and northern regions of North America, Europe, and Asia!

Year-end Evaluation: Please Share Your Thoughts! >>

Will you take a few minutes to complete our Year-end Evaluation?

With your help, we can we document Journey North's reach, impact and value. We need comments like yours to keep the program going and growing.

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This is the FINAL Tulip Garden Update for Spring 2009.
Please join us again in the fall!