Showcasing the Tulip Test Garden
South Allegheny Elementary, Port Vue, Pennsylvania

Our tulips emerged 3/8/10 and bloomed 4/3/10. These are the pictures of the area. It looked like rabbits munched the tops of the tulips at the end of March. We saved the rest of the tulips by trying a few remedies.

  • First we sprinkled chili powder around the perimeter of the garden and around the plants. (You can see the chili powder in the close-up photo.) This we repeated a few times.
  • We also made a mixture rabbit repellent tea made with warm water, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, a dish soap.
  • We also added garden chimes by the entry area.
I guess it worked! You can see the results in their photo gallery below
PortVue_20 PortVue_03 PortVue_02
PortVue_04 PortVue_05 PortVue_06
PortVue_07 PortVue_08 PortVue_12
PortVue_10 PortVue_21XL PortVue_16XL
PortVue_13 PortVue_14 PortVue_15
PortVue_11 PortVue_17 PortVue_19