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Tulip Map Questions

What Maps Can Show Us: Isotherms
An isotherm is a line connecting locations with equal temperature. Isotherm maps show where temperatures are relatively high and low, and also where temperature changes are gradual or dramatic over a distance. Isotherm maps help us understand why tulips and other plants emerge and bloom when and where they do.

Use a marker on this map for the following exercises:
1. Put an "X" on your garden location. What was the extreme maximum (warmest) temperature there last week?__________

2. Trace the isotherm lines (separating the color bands) on the map with your marker.

3. Circle areas where temperature changes are gradual, where isotherms spaces are widest.

4. Circle areas where temperature changes are dramatic, where isotherms are closely spaced.

5. Why do you think some temperatures change gradually (wider isotherms) and some change dramatically (closer isotherms)?