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Garden Highlights
Week ending March 18, 2010
  • 03/11/10 Sandy, Utah. Snow After Emergence
    (40.57 N, -111.89 W)
    On March 11, my class counted 29 tulips (out of approx. 50 that would've been planted there) emerging from the north plot. Two days later, on March 13, we had a good snowstorm leaving a blanket of snow. Today, March 14, warmer temperatures have probably melted most if not all of the snow (weekend--unable to observe)
  • 03/15/10 Nottingham, England. Late to Emerge
    (52.9 N, -1.2 W)
    We have had a really cold winter, the snow has gone but we have had a really cold spell - which is why our tulips have not popped their heads out until today.
  • 03/11/10 State College, Pennsylvania
    (40.82 N, -77.92 W)
    State College, Pennsylvania March 11,
    Today we went to our tulip garden and saw that our tulips had emerged. We counted about 50 sprouts. They were from 1 to 2 inches tall. The temperature was 70 degrees, which is really warm for March in Pennsylvania. We saw an earthworm and we were happy about that because it helps the earth to get holes so the water can get into the soil.
  • 03/15/10 Athens, Georgia
    (34.0 N, -83.35 W)
    We came back from spring break this morning, and there it was: the first bloom! Several others are almost ready to pop open, too. One disappointment is that several of the emerging buds are damaged and wrinkly, with brown areas on them. We think this is due to the amount of severe cold we've had during February, when the buds were already exposed enough to be vulnerable to freezing temperatures. Still, we anticipate a small sea of beautiful red in the very near future!